Learn these Basketball Drills

Basketball is a game of skills. There exist many basketball drills that can be used to nurture the players’ skills. However, there are some main basketball drills that are core for the game. Without these skills, the game is likely to be boring. A good game must be neat, clinical and must be skillful. First you should look at a vert shock review on how to jump higher.
Some of the best basketball drills that players needs to learn are:

1. Ball handling and dribbling basketball drills -This is the most important skill in the game. To move up and down the basketball court with ease, one must learn how to dribble. Ball handling skills requires one to dribble with fingers. Players should also dribble with two hands so as not to fall the ball This is the starting point in any basketball game Handling the ball will guarantee a good start to the game.

2. Passing basketball drills – Players must learn on how to pass the ball accurate. A player should not over posses the ball as this will be time waste. One important rule in basketball is never to give the ball away. That is why passing the ball in the game of basketball will always dictate which team control ball possession. To move the balls down the basketball easily, passes must be accurate.

3. Shooting basketball drills-Shooting the ball into the hoop is very important in the game. It is the only way a team is likely to win the game. A good shooter must be accurate. He or she must be able to shoot from any angle. One must learn to make all types of shots such as jump shots, free throws, dunk, alley oop, hook shot, layups and three pointer. One must be good in at least all of the shots This is what will define a great player.

4. Defensive basketball drills – A team must be in a position to stop the opponent from scoring. A good defense will also enable the team to get a scoring chance again. A poor defense can bring about a loss or foul.

5. Rebounding basketball drills-A teams that controls the game more is likely to have many scoring opportunity. A good team must always regain possession after each shot. This is a good strategy especially when a team must to make very many shots. It is a matter of scoring and regaining to score again.

6. Basketball moves -There are different moves and techniques that can guarantee a good offensive or scoring opportunity. Moves are also clinical when it comes to defense, passing or dribbling. A move like the “hand one” is helpful in terms of passing the ball down the court. Moves also make the good look clinical and amazing. Moves are among the basketball drills that can make a game to be more creative. Players who always perform moves are always exceptional in the game.

7. Offensive basketball drills – Basketball is a game that requires team work. There must be co-operation and co-ordination among all the players in the team. Individual skills and creativity must also come into play for a team to score.

Have You Tried an Auto Liker?

What is an Auto Liker?

For those of you who don’t actively use Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram you may not know the importance of having likes on your photos and posts, or retweets and favorites on your tweets. This things can be hard to gain when you have no followers. Imagine yourself as a user or potential customer. You visit a businesses social media website and see they aren’t very active or popular. You are more apt to buy from the company with more of a presence and reputation online. An auto liker is a Facebook tool that will automatically like posts you make on your Facebook page. This will help because when people see your business getting hundreds of likes they will want to see what the hype is about.

Are they Safe?

The websites are completely safe to use. They make use of the android app that allows users to interact with each other. The backend server saves the authorization token and your account is used with a community of accounts to like statuses users make. You might be familiar with sites like Add Me Fast or Like 4 Like that allow users to earn points to like statuses. In order for you to earn points though you will need to like other people’s profile. So, yes, these websites are very safe to use.

Using an auto liker is a great way to build your business or profile. In life first impressions are the only impression. You want to make sure that when people are on your social media profiles they see that you are active. The more active you appear the more likely people are to work with you or buy your services. Considering these tools are completely free to use, you are wasting time by not deciding to use them in your Facebook strategy.


Using an Elo Boost Service

elo boost

Using an Elo Boost service is one of the best ways to rank up your account. These services are popular in Counter Strike Global Offensive as well as League of Legends. They work by exploiting game mechanics that should not be able to be exploited. The ranking system is point based. For every win you receive you get more elo, and for every loss you lose elo. You gain and lose elo according to different things in algorithms like the ranks of the players in your lobby or the speed of the win. With the help of boosters who have played the game for thousands of hours you can’t lose. A boosting service will work by having the booster play on one of their higher leveled accounts and another booster from the team recovering your account. In some cases the entire team will be filled with boosters and the single low leveled player. These players won’t lose because they are hired to win. As they gain wins your account gets more and more Elo and ranks up because of it.

These services aren’t necessarily approved by the developers like Riot games. Then again their isn’t much for them to do about it. There is nothing to distinguish a booster from someone who is just playing with one of their lower leveled friends. They could of course check the IP addresses of the accounts and see that the IP isn’t in the norm. This is a lot of effort to go to for something so harmless as a rank increase. If anything developers don’t want to see others profit from their games because of exploitable things in their ranking system. The Elo rating system is found in many games and does an effective job at removing players who shouldn’t be there. Sometimes it results in those players deranking. In order to be the best you need to play the best.

Let’s Play Pixelmon!


Pixelmon is a brand new Minecraft mod. Minecraft is a popular free roam computer game. Combined both of these games make for an entertaining mod known as Pixelmon. In Pixelmon you play as a trainer who catches and battles Pokémon against other trainers. On the Pixelmon Server you have to craft your own Poke-balls in order to catch new Pokémon.

When you get to the point that you want to battle your Pokémon you simply throw your Poke-ball from your inventory at another trainer. Your Pokémon will be summoned and you will have the classic options presented in front of you. You will have the option to flee, run, or use an item from your inventory. If you choose to fight you will be given a few options for attacks to use. Choosing the proper attack is essential to victory. If you are fighting a water type Pokémon vs a fire type you will want to use a water based attack because it will be super effective. If you fight a wild Pokémon then you will have to weaken it before you use your Poke-ball in your inventory. Crafting Poke-balls was also just re-released into the game and they are not easy to come by. You must craft them yourself on a crafting table like in Minecraft.

The creators of Pixelmon are also open to community involvement as they take community help. Pixelmon recently asked for help in the creation of skins for the trainers. Trainers before only had the same clothes and this way they are set apart by unique clothes and gear. Right now there are over 637 Pokémon total when starting out there were only a few. Pixelmon has greatly expanded as the mod has developed. There will likely more additions as time goes on but right now there are no more things to be added. Pokémon was a favorite among older people as the card game is no longer played and Gameboys aren’t all the rage.

Speaking of Gaming: Buy a Twitch Bot ASAP!

twtch view bot

League of Legends is the most popular PC game today, and for good reason. For starters the game is completely free to signup and download. The game was released in 2009 and by 2012 it was the most played video game in the world in terms of shear hours played. League has an active community and monthly there are 70 million people logged in, daily over 5 million concurrently.

LoL has a massive competitive background and there are teams from North America, Europe, China, Brazil, France, etc. It is global and the championships every year are for prize pools of $1 million dollars. That’s not to bad for playing a video game. League of Legends is also the most streamed video game daily on Twitch. Daily there are around 100,000 viewers and during events there are millions from around the world. Some streamers have taken the route of using a Twitch View bot to leverage their popularity on Twitch. Some of the most popular streamers are professional players as well as some that are just purely community based. The goal of watching these streams are to learn from the players and see how you can improve your game. There’s nothing better than watching something you enjoy rather than mindlessly watching television.

It is now 2015 and League is still the most popular game around and will likely stay that way. New games have come out and their success hasn’t been the greatest as far as Twitch and the competitive side. Call of Duty has progressively gone down-hill. Blizzard will be releasing a new shooter game soon. Right now World of Warcraft is still a popular game and has been out longer. The game is also still $15 a month to play and League is completely free. When you really think about it, it is pretty crazy that a mod of a game is as popular today as something that is pay to play.

Have You Tried to Buy League of Legends Accounts?

league of legends logo

League of Legends is probably the most popular video game today. I figured I would write a blog post since the new season of League starts soon. For those who have never played you will likely create a new account known as a smurf. Personally I opt to buy league of legends accounts online through one of my favorite dealers. The website accepts Paypal and after the payment is made the login details and information are sent to my email.

The developers of League of Legends create new characters known as champions and in order to try them you have to purchase them with Influence Points or Riot Points. The accounts through the dealer mentioned come with 20,000 to 30,000 Influence Points. These points can be used to buy these new champions and give them a test run. This allows the developers to learn if the characters are over-powered and if they need to be nerfed or buffed accordingly. Generally the community will report back with genuine comments about the champion and what should be done.

Gaming is expanding and companies like Riot Games are taking the best foot forward in the gaming realm. League of Legends is currently and forever will remain free. League of Legends is free to download and is free to play. If you choose to use Riot Points or Buy LoL accounts online it still remains a free to play game because the things purchase do not affect the gameplay. Similarly counterstrike global offensive is $8 and is currently the second most streamed video game after League of Legends. It can’t be a coincidence that these games are of little to no cost and yet they are the most streamed and played video games currently. I think it is time for companies like Activision, Infinity Ward, Bungie, and 343 to learn from their mistakes and take a similar route.

Start Vine The Right Way By Buying Vine Revines

vine logo

Vine is a social media platform bought by Twitter. The app allows users to create six second videos and post them in specific categories. The videos play on a loop over and over. Users are able to like the videos, comment, and share them known as re-vining. The creation of the videos is easy and the camera only records when the user is holding the record button. Vine is a great marketing tool as well and it allows you to get your point across quickly.

You should try buying vine revines to start getting your videos noticed faster. The number of likes and revines is directly proportional to your fame on the platform. The point of posting vines is for them to be viewed by the millions of active registered users. By using vine services you are able to share your videos easier and get them noticed. Vine is a great platform and with these services you will be able to reach your target audience easier.

If you haven’t signed up to Vine it is easy. Just browse to their website and create an account. If you already have a Twitter account you can use that to register there. Millions of people use social media to share their brand and get their brand noticed. If you have a brand then it is strongly recommended that you sign-up for Vine and add it to your arsenal. People say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but why look at a picture of your product when you can share a small preview of what you have to offer. Not to mention the app is completely free to download and use. You don’t lose anything by having a Vine account and combined with buying vine services like revines you can take your brand the extra mile.

An Earth Larger Than Ours


NASA has a lot of equipments and gadgets that they send out to the outer space in order for them to study and explore the heavenly bodies and look for planets that has the possibility to sustain human life. Each space craft has its own function and missions, and each one of the countries of the world has space gadgets floating from the atmosphere of the earth. NASA managed to impress the world with its studies and discoveries, and bringing light to a super Earth. NASA’s Kepler is the telescope behind the discovery of the super Earth.

What is Kepler?

Kepler, is a spacecraft telescope created by NASA with the mission of searching for potential habitable planets. People are finding ways to look for planets that can sustain life most especially today when there is a large possibility that the Earth might die soon and there is no way to save humanity when the planet is gone. Kepler has been a large tool to discover planets that linger in the universe, with its planet counts:

  • Confirmed planets: 996

  • Planet candidates: 4,183

  • Eclipsing binary stars: 2,165.

The Kepler space telescope went on a hiatus due to the problems of its gyroscopic stabilization system. NASA said that they might bring the satellite back online and after a year, they did manage to fix it.

The research team has redeveloped Kepler, making it a better space craft and being able to continue its ground-breaking mission. The machine operates on two reaction wheels that relies its pressure to the photons from the sun. Photons comprise the sunlight that’s actually hitting our skin. It has no mass, but it possesses energy and momentum, providing energy for solar sails to work. A spacecraft is run by this photons, that’s why it can function in the outer space without returning back to earth to charge itself for energy.

The engineers and researchers have installed K2 into the system of the Kepler space craft; although they were not sure about the fact if it could really provide data. When lead researcher Andrew Vanderburg reviewed the data collected, it revealed that there is a super earth (named it HIP 116454b) that 2.5 (20,000 miles in diameter) larger than of ours. The exoplanet has a mass twelve times than the mass of the Earth and it’s close to its parent sun so it completes an orbit of 9.1 days (compared to the Earth that takes 365 days).

New and improved Kepler

Thanks to the new discovery detected on its radar, Kepler has been announced back on its duty. Thanks for the K2 method, it can now balance on its two wheels. NASA has always impressed humanity because of its discoveries using its gadgets. They not only create new ones, but they improve the old models and making it new, using their budget wisely while studying their discoveries. Dating from their Galileo and Voyager probes, they have continued to evolve the old equipment into something that can still do its work.


These Booter Tools are Ruining Our Games

If you aren’t familiar with the name booter, you might know them as DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) tools or stressers. These tools are used for malicious purposes and their goal is to take down websites and internet based services. Most often these services are provided through an Admin type panel where the user registers and logs in with their credentials. Once they login they will have to make a purchase for one of the many plans the service offers. After payment is accepted and processed you are given access to the network and are able to stress test any IP address you like.

These services are able to exist because of terms of service that the user must agree to. Believe it or not stress testing is not illegal. These types of services are actually used for pentesting a network and seeing if their servers and sites can withstand potential attacks. The terms can be breached at any time but the user is liable for their attacks. The people that offer these services know that their network could be used for these types of attacks but states that they will provide details to law enforcement if their services are abused for malicious services.

Booters don’t actually cost a lot of money. With the current market, the prices range from $1 to $20 a month for access. If you are a person trying to attack a target you can combine multiple services and achieve lots of power. These services work by utilizing servers that have spoofing enabled. Spoofing allows for the header IP to be modified so the target can’t see the actual IP. These services then scan for amplication lists to amplify the attacks. For instance a 1 Gbps line on a server could be amplified to hundreds of gigabytes a second. These servers typically cost anywhere from $100-$250 a month.



These New Halo Master Chief Updates

For those who are new to this blog. I will start by saying, we are all nerds. We live on forums and enjoy playing video games in our spare time. One of the most hyped console games of the year was Halo: The Master Chief Collection. I have been playing Halo since it came out for the original Xbox. There was so much nostalgia and emotion behind the game. The fact that 343 was going to bring back every game on their original engines was awesome. They even added that they would be making the games 60 FPS and 1080p. With all that being said, they single handily are screwing up the halo series indefinitely. I have been discussing this on one of the gaming forums I am apart of. They were handed a series and all they had to do was re-master them and add matchmaking servers.

Halo: MCC was released on November 11th and Today is the 26th. In those 15 days the game hasn’t been playable. People shelled out $60 for a game that wasn’t working on release and still isn’t work two weeks later. If you’re like me, you waited till the price of the Xbox One dropped to $350 and then paid $60 for the game. I essentially paid $410 for a game that doesn’t work. There was no beta testing done for the game. Any video game that doesn’t alpha and beta test before release needs to reconsider doing so.

To add-on to this screw up, they are going to completely try to change Halo 5 into Call of Duty with Jetpacks and speed boosts. These types of updates do not work. If we wanted to play Call of Duty, we would buy it. Not to mention 343 tried to do this in Halo 4 and we all know that turned out so well. They are going to take away all the fun aspects of Halo and they are taking away from any skill based gaming experience you might be able to enjoy. Like many I am a competitive player. I have watched almost all the Halo tournaments run by Major League Gaming. 343 Industries even employs professional Halo players to assist them in the creation of the game. If this is true, why is 343 trying to take away everything competitive from the game?

This post has been quite the rant but just to break down what needs to be done. You need to remove any and all armor abilities and loadouts. Spend time on the maps you create. Keep in mind there is an active community of forgers of whom were disappointed with the release as well. Add in de-scoping. Remove sprint from the game completely. None of the maps you have ever created cater to sprint and it ruins the game. Something as simple as being able to move while holding the back-button would be nice. Bring in more competitive players and actually consider their ideas. These are the types of people that play your games. Their opinions should matter the most and the fact that Ghost’s and Neighbor’s clearly were not represented is appalling. These things all need to be considered because you are messing with a game that we love. When Bungie decided to relinquish Halo, we expected more, and you have failed.

The video below is a good break-down of what has happened and the frustration of us all.