These New Halo Master Chief Updates

For those who are new to this blog. I will start by saying, we are all nerds. We live on forums and enjoy playing video games in our spare time. One of the most hyped console games of the year was Halo: The Master Chief Collection. I have been playing Halo since it came out for the original Xbox. There was so much nostalgia and emotion behind the game. The fact that 343 was going to bring back every game on their original engines was awesome. They even added that they would be making the games 60 FPS and 1080p. With all that being said, they single handily are screwing up the halo series indefinitely. I have been discussing this on one of the gaming forums I am apart of. They were handed a series and all they had to do was re-master them and add matchmaking servers.

Halo: MCC was released on November 11th and Today is the 26th. In those 15 days the game hasn’t been playable. People shelled out $60 for a game that wasn’t working on release and still isn’t work two weeks later. If you’re like me, you waited till the price of the Xbox One dropped to $350 and then paid $60 for the game. I essentially paid $410 for a game that doesn’t work. There was no beta testing done for the game. Any video game that doesn’t alpha and beta test before release needs to reconsider doing so.

To add-on to this screw up, they are going to completely try to change Halo 5 into Call of Duty with Jetpacks and speed boosts. These types of updates do not work. If we wanted to play Call of Duty, we would buy it. Not to mention 343 tried to do this in Halo 4 and we all know that turned out so well. They are going to take away all the fun aspects of Halo and they are taking away from any skill based gaming experience you might be able to enjoy. Like many I am a competitive player. I have watched almost all the Halo tournaments run by Major League Gaming. 343 Industries even employs professional Halo players to assist them in the creation of the game. If this is true, why is 343 trying to take away everything competitive from the game?

This post has been quite the rant but just to break down what needs to be done. You need to remove any and all armor abilities and loadouts. Spend time on the maps you create. Keep in mind there is an active community of forgers of whom were disappointed with the release as well. Add in de-scoping. Remove sprint from the game completely. None of the maps you have ever created cater to sprint and it ruins the game. Something as simple as being able to move while holding the back-button would be nice. Bring in more competitive players and actually consider their ideas. These are the types of people that play your games. Their opinions should matter the most and the fact that Ghost’s and Neighbor’s clearly were not represented is appalling. These things all need to be considered because you are messing with a game that we love. When Bungie decided to relinquish Halo, we expected more, and you have failed.

The video below is a good break-down of what has happened and the frustration of us all.