The 3 Types of Guys That We Should Date At Least Once In Our Life

In our lives, we will meet a lot of guys. We will have our fair share of dating experiences. Before you think of getting serious all the way, check these out first. Here are the types of guys that women should date at least once in your life because it can give you a lot of lessons in life.

1. Your exact opposite

We have all heard the saying opposite attracts. If you date someone who is the total opposite of you, it will be an eye opener. You will get to see a different perspective outside of all the things you believed in. It is also a great opportunity so you can accept and respect the opinions of people.

2. Adventure driven guy

The best thing about biker dating men who are inclined on doing extreme or adventurous sports is that you will have the opportunity to experience what you wouldn’t normally do. Let’s take surfing for example. You date a surfer, and for sure, you’ll spend a considerable amount of time in the water. It is an experience that cannot be taken away even if you go on separate ways.

3. A Jerk

Come on ladies. It will be a fun experience to date a jerk. I mean date and not settle down. There’s a big difference with that. Dating these type of guys will let you appreciate yourself even more. You will discover your worth because of the things that will be done by the jerk. Also, you will get the bragging rights to kick some ass once you are ready to call it quits.

If these top three guys are not yet on the list of the guys you have dated, time to make a move and learn some life lessons. You won’t have a problem looking for them because they are easy to spot.

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