First Date Tip

One of the most important first dates tips that you should always follow is to be on time. Arriving late for the first date does not leave a good impression with your date and will probably mean there won’t be a second date, even if you really like this person. Some first dates tips that other people have found to be helpful include:
Always plan to meet somewhere. If you drive yourself, then you are not obligated to stay if the date is not working out.
Keep the date simple and don’t be extravagant.
Women should not wear provocative clothing on a first date.
Wear clothing that you feel comfortable in so that you will be comfortable all evening.
You have to be specific about where you are going and what you are doing because the other person needs reassurance that safety is not a problem.
Don’t talk too much about yourself. Give the other person a chance to talk and ask questions to show you are interested in his/her life.

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